Welcome to HostBill developer corner – a place where you can find documentation, samples and tutorials on how to extend your billing application.

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If you need to modify your HostBill template to match your website, or you wish to create a new theme – this is the place to start. HostBill uses an easy template engine and basic HTML/CSS knowledge is sufficient to get amazing results.


On certain events HostBill can run your custom code snippet, allowing you to react on events as they occur. You can easily create multiple reactions for event, allowing you to create solutions like login shares between HostBill and other applications, send additional email notifications or keep your business tools in sync with HostBill. Hooks are the fastest and the easiest way to extend HostBill.

HostBill API

HostBill offers extensive list of API functions you can use remotely from other servers/applications, or directly from your modules. Learn how to interact with HostBill through its simple but powerful JSON API.

Cart templates

Order pages in HostBill can take various shapes, if you can’t find the one template that would suit your site perfectly – why not modify a current one?